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After the heavy lifting of cutting a piece by piece from a tree is finished, the solid stub that once held the tree in place is left behind. It comes with lots of concerns as to what to do next. Do you have to keep it standing in your yard or cut it with the rest of your tree in one fell swoop? And, what about scraping the stump— how is this going to work?

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Charlottesville Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinding is a complex process that excavates the tree’s stump without destroying the base. A stump grinder is used in this case to ground the stump manually, leaving fine sawdust as a trace. The downside of grinding the tree stump is that the stump is ground to the height you want. The grinding can be just 1 inch below the ground level or as deep as underground as 12 inches.

Can’t decide to hang on to the stub or take it out for good? Our Tree Experts of Charottesville can help you get rid of that annoying tree stump.

Why Remove Tree Stump?

Initially, an old tree stump may not cause problems, but the longer you let it stick around, the more it can become a nuisance. Old stumps can be a danger to you and your family in mowing your lawn or a drive. Furthermore, when you’re finished, they make it difficult to plant a new tree.

Soon after removing the tree that once stood in your yard, stumps begin a very slow process of deterioration. And indeed, over time a decaying stump becomes a platform for insects such as termites or carpenter ants that are detrimental to the house.

So while you can choose to remove the stump and let it rot, it may spread to other plants and trees in your yard, or even enter your house, the conditions that come along in the process. The best way to avoid these pest problems is to remove the stump or grind it down.

Creepy termites aren’t the only reason to cut a stub from a tree. You should also consider letting go of the stump because: it’s not so pretty to have a rotting stump. The position where the stump lies is off limits when mowing your lawn, and the stump or roots could ruin your mower if you inadvertently roll over it by planting new trees nearby is a no-go as long as the stump and far-reaching roots are in the way.


How Can Charlottesville Tree Professionals Can Help ?

The process of removing the stump is more invasive than simple grinding. This includes heating the thick base of the tree and then scraping out the broad roots of all the plants. It takes a lot of time, elbow grease, and strong equipment to get the job done, as you can guess. The advantage of that? Upon removal of the stub, you are left open to any new ideas you have for your design with a clean slate. What is not so perfect is that the cutting of the stump leaves behind a large hole which can be an eyesore until it is filled in.

The grinding of the stump is much less difficult. Arborists use a tool in this situation to cut the stump to tiny wood chips. Grinding is much more effective than cutting stumps, but it leaves behind the roots of the tree. If the stump is huge, the chip stack created may also be very high, but the chips can be used in your landscape as mulch for other crops.

Although stump grinding takes care of the tree’s visible traces, the roots of the old tree remains deep, often 4, 8 or 12 feet beyond where the stump is placed. Such roots will eventually degrade after grinding, but it’s a long process. It may take more than 10 years for the roots to break down entirely.


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We know that in Charlottesville, VA you have plenty of choices when it comes to stump grinding services. But, when you go for the best Tree Works services, there are plenty of reasons that make us the only choice.

Proper machinery and materials makes the job much smoother and gives a finished look that is very polished. To get the job done right, we have advanced stump grinders.

Fully insured and licensed–Charlottesville Tree Experts is fully protected and covered if there is a problem with the stump grinding. Because we respect the members of our community, we are committed to providing great service at great prices. As we only quote fair prices and get every job done quickly and effectively, the client is our top priority.

We will also give you helpful tips by our experts. When you get rid of an old tree, for example, and want to plant a new one, make sure that you do it at least five feet away from where the old tree was. This will ensure proper growth of the roots of your tree.


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