Outdoor Adventures & Attractions


Local Parks & Lakes

If you are traveling to Charlottesville VA then you would be pleased to know that there are quite a few outdoor attractions and things to do in this city. This city for one has a ton a beautiful parks situated throughout the city. If you are looking to go Kayaking and Canoeing you will find quite a few parks. We’ve compiled a short list of the top 5 parks to go Kayaking and Canoeing.

  1. Beaver Creek Lake
  2. Darden Towe Park
  3. Rivanna River
  4. Chris Greene Lake Park
  5. Riverview Park & Rivanna Greenbelt

At these 5 amazing local parks you can also spend the day indulging in some summer activities with your entire family as well as close friends. These parks offer the best that Charlottesville has to offer. From the beautiful sights to the amazing trails and gorgeous lakes, you will definitely be very pleased.


Biking & Running

You may already know or may not know that Charlottesville has been dubbed a “Bicycle Friendly Community”. This local city has many areas which offer scenic rides for both road biking along with mountain biking. Cyclists throughout VA often flock to Richmond and Charlottesville to indulge in some pretty cool riding tours. The city is definitely on the up and coming when it comes to cycling.

You will also find more than a handful of local running maps in downtown, Crozet as well as around the UVA grounds. There are running tours that range from 3 miles up to 8 miles. Most running tours are between 3-6 miles.


Orchards & Farms

As many locals in the area will tell you, the mild climate and very rich soil allows for the hardy growth of some beautiful farms and orchards. You will certainly find some tasty sweet, crisp apples during the fall months in the many orchards located throughout the city. Families gather at various times through the year to pick everything from strawberries, peaches, cherries to apples and pumpkins.


Breweries & Wineries

Next on the list of things to do in Charlottesville is breweries and wineries. What you will find is that there is no shortage of liquor pouring at these various spots throughout the city. While there are certainly a few pretty well known breweries which you can visit such as the Champion Brewing Company and Decipher Brewing, you will also find some great wineries to visit as well. The three wineries which we love to visit are Trump Winery, Jefferson Vineyards and Thatch Winery. In our humble opinion, these three wineries are by far the best in Charlottesville.


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