Trees provide our backyards with much-needed shade, color, privacy and value. Here are some of the top options to consider if you’re wondering what type of trees you can incorporate into your garden for stunning results.



The dogwood tree is a popular flowering tree that’s sure to make your backyard beautiful and exciting all year long. These species tend to flower during spring with an abundance of pink, white and red blossoms. In the summer, it features a compact canopy of leaves and in the fall most types display red foliage before leaves drop in the winter. Ultimately, the Dogwood is one of the best trees to have in your backyard because it can be grown in any zone in the United States.


Tulip Tree

The tulip tree is not only famous for being an ornamental tree, but it is also an excellent choice for providing ample shade. The tree displays tulip-shaped flowers in the spring and tends to flaunt attractive yellow leaves during fall. As one of the fast-growing hardwood varieties, the tulip tree is known to grow up to two feet in a year. It’s prone to being attacked by pests, but with the right care, it’s a great variety to have in your home. Not to mention, the tulip tree can be grown in most parts of the United States.


Sugar Maple

If you’re looking for a tree to add rich color and shade to your backyard, sugar maple is a great choice. Growing up to 75 feet tall, sugar maple possesses a spreading canopy that’s exciting to look in autumn. Considered both an ornamental and shade tree, this is one of the favorite trees to have in an American yard.


Silver Maple

Are you searching for a fast-growing tree species to grow in your backyard? The silver maple tree is known to grow and mature within five years.Yes, the silver maple has the potential to transform to provide your backyard with more than enough shade in five years. The tree has a large truck and vast root system, so it’s essential to plant it away from sewer lines.


Green Giant Arborvitae

Backyard privacy is essential in lots of places, but it’s even more vital homes constructed close to each other. The Green Giant arborvitae has gained popularity in many American homes as a privacy screen for a variety of reasons. It’s fast-growing and evergreen, it’s hardy, tolerates all kinds of soil and has an attractive canonical shape. Overall, it’s a great tree that will provide your backyard with privacy and beauty.


Red Oak

The Red Oak derives its name from the bright shining leaf color it displays in the fall. It’s known for its hardness, beauty and fast-growing capability—can reach up to 75 feet at maturity. If you have a large backyard needing shade, red oak is the tree of choice here. This tree can provide great coverage from the sun in your backyard.

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